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Picking Set Frames

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Tublular 2Roll Picking Frame_edited.png
Tubular 1Roll Picking Frame_edited.png

Tubular Picking Frame (4 Roll)

Tubular Picking Frame
(3 Roll)

Manufacturing Quality:


• The picking sets adequately allowed for heavy duty idlers to be fitted into the picking set frames.
• Picking sets are available in Tubular and Angle Iron configurations.
• Frames are available in various corrosion protection options.

All frames are manufactured within a tightly controlled quality control process utilizing jig fabrication ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process.
Rigorous quality control inspection are performed on dimensional, welding and corrosion protection throughout the manufacturing process.

The quality control process also ensures that the frames are manufactured from graded steel that matches the client and SANS 1313 specifications.

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