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Belt Scrapers

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Polyurethane Scrapers: 

Moret Mining offers a next generation of scraper's uniquely fitted with either segmented or full belt width hot cured polyurethane blade. Belt Scrapers are engineered to clean bulk material from conveyor belts ensuring fewer breakdowns, lower operating costs and increase in production.


As a standard feature on our whole range of scrapers and ploughs, the Primary scraper is equipped with a highly efficient self-adjusting device that forms part of our bracket and clamp installation kit.  This allows the scraper to accommodate belt thickness variation and belt start up tension difference of up to 40mm. Moret Mining scrapers are designed to operate with minimal maintenance. However, to maintain superior performance some service is required.

Unique advantages of our Scrapers:

• Easy maintenance due to our unique self-adjusting bracket and clamp set
• Highly efficient due to segmented blade option that can accommodate damaged belts and crowned pulleys
• Low maintenance cost
• Acid resistant
• Minimum space needed to fit the scraper
• No special tools for installation or maintenance needed
• Secondary is belt friendly and able to be installed on any Angle variety possible
• Tungsten Tipped Scrapers have rounded edges to protect the conveyor belt top and bottom covers as well as the belt edges (Secondary Scraper)

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