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Anti-Run Back Idlers

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Manufacturing Quality:

The Moret Mining idlers are designed to have a minimal rim drag, break away mass and bearing misalignment.  This allows the idlers to have a low friction force that extends the life of the conveyor idler.
The low rim drag and break away mass aid in the reduction of electrical consumption on start up and running of the conveyor system. The Moret Mining Seal allows for zero ingress of water and dust, this allows for the maximum protection of the bearing by eliminating contamination of the bearings.

Rollerbrake Anti Run back:

This one directional invention is a standard idler that is equipped with the Rollerbrake anti run back system that prevents the idler from rolling backwards.

Normally these are installed on a long and steep incline above 6°

This roller is available in both Steel and HDPE.


• The inner race turns in the forward direction, for normal operation without adding friction.
• Should anything happen, that the roller wants to turn back, the inner race wedges itself against the shaft
      and the narrow part of the outer race profile, will stop the idler.

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